Kabalana to Madiha in the South of Sri Lanka could be called Sri Lankas tribute to Hawaiis 7 mile miracle on the North Shore of Oahu. There are dozens of  fun surf spots from lefts, rights, beach breaks, reef breaks and A-frames – something for everyone over 13 miles of coastline, mostly protected by inshore reefs. However here are our Jungalow tried and tested top 5.

Hands up – the quality or size may not be that of Hawaii  – but what surfing in the south of Sri Lanka lacks in size it delivers in share options and lack of crowds (at least for now). An added bonus is super consistent conditions, in season there is either no wind or favourable wind which means you do not have to think about going for a surf, you just get in the water. The tidal changes are very small and most spots work through all tides – taking out a bunch of guess work.

1. Lazy Lefts & Lazy Rights

The picturesque little bay in Midigama is framed by a mellow left and a mellower right. Not strictly one break but it is the having these two opposite each other is what brings them into the top 5!  Lazy lefts is a great fun long boarding wave. The set up is like a point break with the first section being little steeper and softening up the further you get down the line.The deep reef and the obvious channel make this spot perfect for feeling out how to surf over a reef. The right hander, though more of a reef pass can also offer up long rides with multiple sections to this wave, also more suited to fun boards and long boards.

2. Rams- Midigama
This right in Midigama is a barreling wave, even when it’s small, and the left has the roundest of tasty bowls when it’s a shorter period swell, or if the direction shifts straight south or south east. This Powerful A-frame wave breaks over sharp shallow coral. It’s a fast take off and quite a short intensely satisfying ride. Surf in Midigama works consistently through the northern winter (November to April) with glassy conditions every morning and some evenings.


Top 5 South Sri Lanka Surf Spots Ebb & Flow
View from Ebb & Flow Jungalows of “Rams Right”

3. Main break-Hikkaduwa
The seaside village of Hikkaduwa is packed with surfers and backpackers during the months of November to April. This spot seems to pick up and even magnify any swell as it’s always a foot or two bigger here. It can also handle size and I’ve seen it working well up to 8 feet. Long walls on the left and the right with occasional barrels on the right. Often the haunt of better surfers and quite heavily controlled by the locals, a good tip is to surf there early mornings on the weekend, when those mentioned above will often be sleeping off a hangover. Love this spot when there is a bit of size around.


4. Kabalana-Ahangama
Kabalana is a spot that can handle a bit of swell. It’s a big wedgy Aframe peak that offers up big walls on the left, and fickle barrels on the right. The spot is marked by a nipple rock out the back which seems to break up the swell forming wedges and double ups. This rock also seems to help collect sand between it and the shore, and this bank gets better later in the season as more sand fills in, only to be washed away again by the summer swells. This spot also tends to pick up more swell and also more crowds as the sand covered reef provides a nice safety net of sorts.


Top 5 South Sri Lanka Surf Spots Ebb & Flow
A Frame Kabalana “The Rock”


5. Madiha
The left hander at Madiha (about 20 minutes from Midigama) is Sri Lanka’s best Indonesian impersonation, with the inside section peeling on a razor edged ledge offering up shallow, perfect tubes on its day. Having said that, this spot can be quite fickle and sometimes wonky or blown out when everywhere else is working. But lock into a good one out there and all previous skunkings are instantly forgiven. Still relatively undeveloped and a beautiful place to visit. Probably my second favorite south coast


Top 5 South Sri Lanka Surf Spots Ebb & Flow
Midigama is the perfect place to base yourself for South Coast wave hunting


Ebb & Flow Jungalows, Midigama is situated bang in the middle of Midigama’s surf breaks – with a view of Rams Right from the open lounge terrace. Check it out from Nov – March to soak up the Surf Season – drop us a line here!

For more on surfing in the South Coast see Garrath’s article “GUIDE TO SURF IN THE SOUTH COAST”  for roar.lk which gives you a great overview on how to get the most out of your surf trip!

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