“The region of Ahangama to Mirissa is 9 miles long and could be called Sri Lanka’s tribute to Hawaii’s North Shore 7-mile miracle. There are a handful of fun surf spots from lefts and rights to beachies and A-frames. Amongst these breaks you’ll find spots that cater to the beginner and others that serve up waves to satiate an intermediate and even advanced surfer.”

– Surf Dubai –

Surf Ebb & Flow

The upstairs terrace provides all-day entertainment with views of Rams surf point, arguably Sri Lanka’s best wave. The terrace has a fully equipped kitchen with a large dining table and a couple of plush daybeds great for chatting, reading, relaxing or napping before your next surf.

Surf Ebb & FlowSix Surf Spots a Six Minute Walk

1.  Lazy Rights @ Midigama The right-hander just off Lazy Left’s. Although more of a reef pass, it can also offer up long rides with multiple sections to its waves. Well-suited for fun boards and long boards.

2.  Lazy Left @ Midigama  Intermediate reef break with a steep first section followed by a long rolling wall into the channel. On a bigger swell it turns into an A-frame with an excellent right-hander that can offer up some juicy tubes from the take-off.

3. Rams @ Midigama This is the juice right out front! The best that the South Coast has to offer. A powerful A-frame with a barreling right and a fast bowling left. This wave offers heaps of good sections with barrels, ramps and bowls on offer. It’s very consistent and picks up swell even when it’s really small. Also one of the less crowded waves on the island. Advanced surfers please.

4. Plantation This reef break is named after a small coconut plantation in front of it. It’s a shifty A-frame that gets quite good when it’s big. There is often a good right-hander off the rocks that border the spot. Can get quite busy in peak season.

5. Coconuts This reef break really comes alive with a bit of swell. As the swell hits the reef it forms almost like a wedge, giving long bowling left-hand rides and good rights too. One of the few places on the South Coast that handles a bigger swell. There is a rogue rock in the lineup, usually around the take-off spot. Be careful.

6. Coconuts B This left-hander breaks right onto a curved reef shelf and gently peels into a deep channel. Mostly uncrowded, it offers a gentle bowl with great fun boarding on the small days.

Some of our favourite spots not featured on the map above:

Pirates/Secrets @ Midigama This spot has a long walling left off Devil’s Island, which has a load of power. The swell comes out of deep water before hitting the island and the reef alongside it. A couple of barely exposed rocks in the lineup make this wave more suited to advance surf riders. There is also an A-frame peak offering lefts and rights. This wave has a mellow wall and a quite deep reef, making it more suited to intermediate surfers. 2 mins away.
The Rock @ Kabalana This reef break is one of the better spots on the South Coast of Lanka. It works best on a big swell. It’s an A-frame peak with a good long walling left and with a shorter, and sometimes better, right. On the right direction and tide, the right can be very good – really bowling and sometimes with a barrel on the takeoff. Suitable for intermediate and advanced surf riders. 10 mins away.
Marissa Point With a beautiful backdrop, this reefy point break is set right up against the Mirissa Bay headland. It’s an intermediate wave that can get super fun on a bigger swell, with A-frame waves breaking in the middle of the bay and a left off Temple Island around the corner. Lots of urchins on the point, so enter with caution. 15 mins away.
Weligama Bay The huge natural bay of Weligama is very busy with surf schools. It’s the perfect place for beginners to learn. These gentle breaking rollers on the sandy bottom beach break are excellent for long boarding, with long lefts and rights all the way to the beach. 5 mins away.

You can also see a more detailed description of our pick of South Sri Lanka’s top surf breaks in our Jungalow Insider. If you are interested in checking out the forecast – check the Magic Seaweed forecast for Weligama that covers the area around Ebb & Flow Jungalows.

Would you like to know more about the breaks, conditions and the best time to visit for surf? No worries – Garrath, when not out surfing or in the shaping bay, is more than happy to answer surf-related questions to make sure you are booking the right time of year to stay at Ebb & Flow. Just give him a call between 8am – 8pm Sri Lankan time +94722257784. You can also send him a message on Whatsapp.