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Surf on the South Coast of Sri Lanka: What to expect & when

The best time to stay at Ebb & Flow Jungalows and Surf the South Coast of Sri Lanka really depends on what you are looking for from your surf holiday. Looking to learn to surf? or Long boarding your thing? You might want to take advantage of amazing rates May – October where you can enjoy few crowds and perfect conditions for both.

April/Early May

Early April is excellent for surf in the South West with back to back ground swells and excellent conditions being the norm. Late April/Early May is the time of year that the season generally switches coasts, often with both coasts firing for a couple of overlapping weeks. It is always hard to pick when the change of season will happen, with cooking surf in the South West till mid May in recent years. Once the monsoon trade winds do arrive, there are a few lesser known spots with good winds in and around Midigama.

East Meets West – If experienced surfers, but got to keep in mind – only the main point and whisky point are working (sand banks not in place) – while we do not know when the switch takes place, better to hedge your bets and do east meets west.

Mid May – Early October

Officially the monsoon season, although this term can be misleading as it may not rain for weeks at a time. It’s worth keeping in mind that it is also typically cooler, less crowded and of course our rates are much better value! Surf Specifics:Sri Lanka gets most of its swell this time of year, with consistent ground swells throughout this season. The wind on the South West coast (Ebb & Flow Jungalows) is side shore on most of the main surf spots but there are a few sheltered places and a few places close to where Ebb & Flow is based where the wind is offshore all the time. These months are a great time for uncrowded surf and also learn to surf or improve your technique conditions.

Late October/November

Late October to November is when good surf conditions switch usually coasts from East to South West, although it is difficult to predict exactly when this will happen. The second half of November always has solid ground swells on the South West coast, accompanied by glassy conditions or light offshore winds. This is a great time for experienced surfers, with less crowded line ups and loads of swell. Good chance of scoring cooking Rams, directly on your doorstep at Ebb & Flow Jungalows.

November – March

Surfers Paradise in the South West at this time of year with over a dozen surf breaks close by and epic tropical surf conditions every morning. Not that you need to go far, with Rams, right on your doorstep, and mesmerising views of the spot between surfs. The last several seasons, the season has been stretching – sometimes starting mid October and finishing the middle of May. For your best shot at perfect conditions late November to end of March. No staff meetings occur on the terrace during this time of year because its impossible to concentrate.

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