A wise and well traveled friend shared this nugget with me yesterday:
“I always plan in some time for spontaneity or getting lost, 3 or hours to just loose track of time, talk to strangers and generally let go of expectations”Yup, this kind of approach will serve you well in a country like Sri Lanka, a place where anything can happen and often will – a place that runs on “island time” . Where “it was raining” can at times be a legitimate reason to not turn up on time or turn up at all!  So if you have a master plan of pre scheduling all your time in Sri Lanka, we here at Ebb & Flow Jungalows warmly recommend against it, and here is why…
Things happen on the ground here, in real time…you will meet people, form relationships and find unique things to do that you could necessarily pre-plan from information on the internet. Opportunities will arise that will just be too good and offers to generous that you will need to let go of “but I was supposed to…”
My most memorable experience in Sri Lanka was not the whale watching in Marissa (while it was awe inspiring) or a gorgeous 3 course lunch at a boutique hotel in a tea estate (delicious and decadent). No, it on the back of a scooter, utterly lost in the lush paddy fields of inland Weligama…trying to find the local snake doctor (a place with no sign or name). It quickly became more about the coconut we enjoyed in the shade of a Kade (small local shop), the sleek white bird “fishing” in the river beside us.. and the smiles, laughs and confused looks we got when trying to explain (silly hand movements included) “snake” with zero local language knowledge.
And so it is in Sri Lanka – unique experiences will find you and wash over you. If you are looking for real, spontaneous and genuine interactions the country will embrace you with open arms – as long as you make time to schedule in some spontaneity that is 😉

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