Enjoy working your way through the comprehensive list of recommendations in our “Jungle Pack” when you arrive, enjoy fresh whipped up with love food by our in-house chef or even learn some Sri Lankan favourites in our kitchen with a view!


Chef Indy’s local food is legendary, and it is all cooked with an ever present smile. His skills combined with our kitchen-with-a-view makes the perfect setting to learn some of the local delicacies including Indy’s pumpkin curry, dahl and his Sri Lankan take on Singapore Crab.

There is no charge for the cooking lesson, just head off with Indy to the local supermarket, vege market and fish market and cook up a storm back at the Jungalows.

TIP – Enjoy your feast up on the terrace – add lion beer or arak cocktails for an even more authentic and fun experience 😉


“The food that Indie (the villa cook) prepares is AMAZING”

“The food is outstanding, in particular the Pumpkin Curry and Crab Curry, but we didn’t have a bad meal….all beautifully prepared each night”

“Food menu was excellent and really cheap; all you had to do is pick a meal or two, the cook goes buys ingredients and makes the food for you. You only need to pay for the groceries. That’s it. We watched the cook make our food – Their cook was generous enough to allow us to take his secret recipes 😉 “

“Indy the chef is a genius and amazing cooking talent, we enjoyed every single curry/breakfast/meal. He even battled torrential rain to barbecue lobster for us!”

“I highly recommend you to write down the chef’s recipes (pumpkin curry.,.ohlala) and share it back home to keep a good souvenir of your stay”