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East Meets West Adventure May-Oct

If you plan to visit May – October and have a bit of time up your sleeve (10 nights or more) we absolutely recommend an East meets West adventure.  This is a best of both worlds approach to exploring and discovering Sri Lanka when it comes to its surf, culture, wildlife and it’s varying landscapes. 

Admittedly this time of year may not ultimate surf wise on the South West (the main surf spots are not working), however there are still waves in protected bays with all-day offshore conditions and few crowds. This time of year also happens to be when it is pumping (surf and energy wise) on the East Coast in and around Arugam Bay. Win Win. 

We recommend you start in the south west at Ebb & Flow Jungalows  (3.5 hours from the airport) where you can get your feet and fins wet and explore the lush tropical landscape of the area. There are excellent conditions for beginners and long boarders and plenty of things to do all along the coast. We can arrange your first surf lesson or for experienced surfers just fill you in on the best surf spots for this unique time of year. If Yoga is your thing we can arrange private lessons or recommend the best drop in classes in the area. 

From the south west you travel up to the East to the surf town of Arugam Bay where the waves and surf season buzz is at its peak this time of year. Bonus is traveling through the Yala national park where you are more than likely to encounter some wild elephants if you happen to be traveling in the wee morning hours. Tip: when it comes to Arugam Bay later in the season September and October is ideal since the sandbanks are more filled in (more surf spots working and surfers therefore also more dispersed) and overall fewer crowds than July and August.  

To round it all off you make your way back from Arugam Bay to the airport through the centre of the island to experience the mountains and hill country interior of Sri Lanka complete with the train rides, tea tours or hiking. 

If this sounds like your kind of adventure then send us a message with your dates, we’ll work out what your ideal East Meets West adventure looks like and put together a custom itinerary for you.

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