1) A Great Local Brew for less than $2 USD you can enjoy a big bottle of Lion Beer. Fancy a stronger beer?… look for “Lion Strong”…. recognisable by the lion roaring on the label!
2)  Passion-fruits the size of tennis balls! A meal in themselves these Sri Lankan passionfruits are sweet and sour and delicious just like a good passion-fruit should be!
3) Fireflies – the stuff of movies and magic! Hint: you are most likely to see these in a lush and secluded garden
4) Bananas go Bananas! – there is something like 18 different kinds of bananas in Sri Lanka, big, small, sweet, purple and even polka dots!
5) Squirrels – or rather “TinTin” as they are called here. These super cute playful little squirrels are bona fide acrobats and you will see them everywhere running along wires, rooftops and trees.
6) Big Ol’ Trees – Huge, gnarled and full of character there are many old historic trees in Sri Lanka… and you don’t have to walk right into  the Jungle to see them. Temples will often have a large Bodhi tree, while the Galle Fort has a square that is dwarfed and shaded by magnificent trees
7) Tunes you have not heard in years! – The morning bread trucks play a tune so people know they are in the area. Listen out for “its a small world after all” (a favorite) or even “Santa clause is coming to town (often still played well into the first half of the year!)
8) On Bus Entertainment – Many of the buses have music and/or video clips playing, sit back and enjoy the Sri Lankan beats and dancing… (or bring headphones or earplugs!)
9) Tropical Thunderstorms – Often rarely lasting more than 30 minutes –  South Sri Lanka puts on some electrifying thunder and lightning displays – enjoy the warm weather and watch the performance from a sheltered place with a tea or glass of something stronger in hand
10) Street Smart Animals – its not unlikely to drive past a goat or 2, a cow and a couple of dogs on a 100 meter stretch in Sri Lanka. They act as if they have every right to be there and are experts in navigating the traffic! PS: you might even be so lucky to see a wild elephant if you drive through Yala National Park!

Want to know more about what to expect from South Sri Lanka and if it is what you are looking for from your holiday get in touch with us at Ebb & Flow Jungalows – we are super generous with our time and local insights and happy to share them with you!

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